H&T Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I don’t really believe in the typical Valentine’s Day celebration…I know that “every girl says that” but truly, I never have been one to want a dozen red roses (I prefer other flowers, sorry) or an overdone fancy dinner on February 14th.

However, that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be shopping for your BFF, sister or even yourself – so alas, here is my official gift giving guide for 2014.

Bronzer //  Nail Polish // Earrings // Lipstick // Boots // iPhone Case


Cupcake Mix // Book // Bralette // Tortoise Clutch // Clarisonic // Baseball Hat // Drybar Set // Gift Tags // Hanky Panky Set


Body Creme // Coasters // Plate // Picnic Set // BFF Kit // Socks // Ring // Baseball Tee // Pave Bracelet


Candle // Scarf // Custom Cookies // Paper Straws // Jewelry Case // Coffee Mug // Glitter Coasters // Cologne // PJ Set

And while my readership is primarily female, I am sure this may help out a guy friend or two as well.

Happy Shopping, Cupid!

2 Responses to H&T Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Jen says:

    Wow, these are all great gift ideas – and I’d even like a couple for myself 🙂 Love love the tortoise clutch and PJs!


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