about BAC



(Brittney Ann Cardillo)

is the author of lifestyle & travel blog, Hosting & Toasting. She has a passion for traveling, skincare, fashion, entertaining and small details.

She’s happiest when she’s wheels up or with a facemask and wine. She fancies almond milk lattes, a good blowout, polished paws, a house full of fresh flowers and of course, playing hostess. She loves to travel to new places near and far, would love to live in Italy someday and schedules time each week for handwritten thank you notes, birthday cards, & DIY crafts (and cocktails!).

A Sunshine State native, BAC is drawn to the sand and coast and has learned to graciously embrace the freckles that come with being Irish. She spent her collegiate years in Virginia and then in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Most weeks, BAC is on a plane but when she’s not, she now calls Dallas, Texas home!

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