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Sephora Holiday Sale Favorites

As promised, the Sephora Holiday Savings Event is upon us in 2020 so I put together this post with some of my recent favorites this year.  If you missed my Spring Sephora Sale post, check it out here as all those items are staples I love, still use and would also recommend for this sale too! 

As most of you probably know, some of these beauty items rarely go on sale and this sale is one of Sephora’s biggest and best. Sephora’s Holiday Savings Event is based around Beauty Insider Status – so ROUGE members get 20% OFF from 10/30 – 11/9, VIB members get 15% OFF from 11/3– 11/9 and Insider members get 10% OFF from 11/5 – 11/9. According to the Instagram story polls I did, y’all are about 50/50 between VIB vs. ROGUE status so I wanted to share this by day 1 so you could start to add to your wishlists and shopping carts once you’re able to shop.

Sephora’s program is completely free to join and tracks all your purchases every year plus provides some truly amazing samples to redeem with your points. I try a lot of new products this way and if you aren’t currently signed up, but want a discount – this is the perfect time to get at least 10% OFF and build your status for future sales. You can sign up here now.

As always, thank you for all your support when you use my links to shop. The Sale was very popular in the Spring and I’m so lucky that so many of y’all take my recommendations and send me yours too. If you are reading this on your phone and use the Sephora app, my links also connect and work there too.

Similar to my Spring post, I’ve broken this list down into different categories and included my wishlist and gift sets this year too.

Be sure to use the code HOLIDAYFUN to apply your discount. You can use the code on as many orders as you’d like. 


*UPDATE for all my Beautycounter picks: They were originally on the Sephora website still when the sale began but they have now taken them off as the partnership JUST ended. I was able to restock with my discount before they removed them but I’m so sorry for those of you that missed it . However, I love these so much that I still wanted to include it in this post with an update. The GOOD NEWS is that if you still want to buy the product – anyone can get 10% OFF when they sign up here with a new email address!

Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel Treatment – I have talked about this peel over and over on insta-stories and it’s because it WORKS! I cannot tell you how many friends I have recommended this to and it’s one of my top recommendations right now. I use 1-2 pumps every other night and it leaves me glowing. It is gentle and has left my skin looking so bright and even too.

Beautycounter Vitamin-C Serum – I’m already on my second bottle of this Vitamin-C serum and it is one of my new go-to’s since Spring. It smells lovely and works so well! My spring post recommended another Vitamin-C but I have since switched to this one and one other (will talk about that one more later). This is yet another BC product I am loving and notice the difference in my skin tone and even-ness. I have freckles and my skin has never looked so bright! I use it every morning and Vitamin-C is essential to any skincare routine so I highly recommend this one too.

Beautycounter Supreme Cream – I use this cream every night – it’s so luxe and helps keep my skin hydrated before bed. I’m ordering my second jar this sale, some people compare it to La Mer and it’s clean too!

Indie Lee Toner – This one was recommended by so many of you and I absolutely love this toner! It’s my go-to for the mornings (I used a different brand at night) and is also a clean brand. I’ve mentioned this before but I’m not 100% “CLEAN” only by any means, I use what works and will always share you with my favorite products that do.

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Moisturizer – This is a great daily moisturizer. I use it after Vitamin-C and it’s incredibly hydrating. My skin is often very dry in Dallas and this has helped tremendously with that. It has lactic acid and helps with fine lines too. You can buy in a smaller size if you want to try it out for a bit first!

Dermalogica BioLumin-C Vitamin C Serum – This is the other Vitamin C I use now and love too. It is slightly more expensive that the Beautycounter one and I love the dropper! It’s a high-performance serum and also has lactic acid.

Dr. Zenovia 10% Glycolic Acne Control Peel Pads – I recently discovered Dr. Zenovia’s hormonal dermatology line through a PR gifting and I’m in love with all her products so far. I generally do not have acne-prone skin but I’ve become a victim of maskne from time to time and these peel pads are truly amazing. You can use 2x a day or whenever you need it – I immediately notice a difference and my zits are gone within a day or two. It also works for dark spots. I also recommend her spot treatment (it’s often sold out but set an alert for it because it’s a miracle worker!).

Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel – If you’re looking for a clean eye gel serum, look no further! This product is excellent and I discovered it first through a sample at Sephora. It helps with dark circles and puffiness and I love to use before bed too.

Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap Face Mask – You have probably heard of this amazing de-puffing face mask a million times but I finally picked it up for myself this year and I’m here to tell you – it works wonders! I recommended it to a girlfriend of mine and she called it “pedialyte for your face”, ha! I could not agree more. I use it mostly in the morning and it helps to de-puff and contour your face – I think this one will go quickly on sale but set an alert if it sells out!

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask – Masking is a large part of my skincare routine and it all depends on what my skin needs that week. This particular mask is great for a Sunday reset and is full of antioxidants and vitamins. My face is always glowing and brightened right after. I recommend adding this to your mask circuit for sure.

Laneige Lavender Water Sleeping Mask – Another mask I will wear overnight at the end of my routine is this one. The lavender is so soothing to fall asleep too and it’s lightweight but so hydrating. They also have other options with no scent. I mentioned this in my last post, but I also use their lip mask every night before bed.

Farmacy Gel Sheet Masks – These sheet masks are the best! I love the hydrating one and the brightening one too. They are great gifts and a clean option.

Beautycounter Countercontrol Clear Pore Cleanser – My last Beautycounter rec on this list is this cleanser (don’t forget to use the new code I posted above)! I love clean cleansers and use this along with my Tula one. It helps to remove make up and oils (also good for maskne these days!) and has jojoba beans that are gentle and exfoliating.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator – I’m often asked what exfoliators I use and this has been a top pick for years! I call it my “skin polish” and love how gentle this is on my skin and how tight my skin looks after I use it. It’s a rice-based powder that you mix and is very lightweight. They also make it in a mini size so you can try it out first and it is even gentle enough for daily use.

Nécessaire Body Wash – If you want to know if the hype is real on Nécessaire – it is! I genuinely love the body wash and use the Eucalyptus one daily. It’s clean and they also have other scents that I’m looking forward to trying. It’s a great time to get it on sale!

Nécessaire Body Lotion – This is the other product I am loving by them and using daily. It’s fragrance free and full of vitamins and omegas. It’s no nonsense and also very hydrating for colder months.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum – Last but not least in skincare, if you decide to splurge on one thing, let it be this serum! I know the price is $$$ but I’m telling you, I have not tried a hyaluronic acid I like better and it comes at a great discount right now.


Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo –  If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that Drybar products are nothing new to me. I’ve been using this dry shampoo and others for years but LOVE that they have the new large value size of this one now so I had to mention.

Drybar On The Rocks Lightweight Conditioner – This is my go-to Drybar conditioner. It’s super lightweight, which is perfect for fine hair like mine and I pair it with their Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo every week. I always stock up on these when they’re on sale.

Drybar Wrap Party Styling Wand – Last but not least in Drybar world is this curling wand. It’s what I have been using for a few years and I love how you can set the temperature, it automatically goes off after an hour, it has a reverse taper which is great for curl styling and ionic technology.


Laneige Lip Balm – My last post has more of my make up routine but I wanted to include a few more in this post. This balm (like the lip mask) is amazing. It comes in many other flavors and is the perfect addition to my mostly minimal or no make-up looks these days.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Concealer  -When it comes to make up, I tend to stick with holy grail products for years. I have loved and used the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for a long time so it’s fitting that I am loving the new concealer that just came out. It compliments the foundation and is nice on its own too.

Nars Mini Orgasm Blush – This is also a longtime favorite of mine but I love that it comes in this mini size now! Great for travel and purses.

Urban Decay All-Nighter Make Up Setting Spray – This product is the only setting spray I love. It helps my make up last and I swear it helps it not get on my other face masks these days. I linked the smaller size as I recommend trying it that way first.


Since the holidays are basically amongst us now, it’s only fitting I include a few of my favorite candles. These are some great holiday scents, stocking stuffer ornaments and some staples too. The sale is the perfect time to try out some new candles. I also picked up this one last sale and am obsessed!


I wanted to include some of my holiday gift set picks this sale too. These not only make great gifts and stocking stuffers but I love gift sets as a way to test new products and use for travel too. The NuFace also has a limited edition option or you can pick up the regular one here (one of the most popular items of 2020 on H&T!).


I’ve included a few others items below that are in my cart and on my wishlist these days to try next. Continue to check back on this post as I will update it some as the sale goes on.

*Pro Tip: if any of my picks are “sold out”, I recommend signing up for the alerts when they’re back in stock – I have purchased several items like that in the past when I receive the email alert and you can use your discount code as many times as you’d like!

 Don’t forget to check out my Spring Sale picks too & use the code HOLIDAYFUN to apply your discounts.

Happy Shopping!

Sephora Spring Sale Favorites

Skincare has quickly become one of my most requested and popular topics on H&T and with the Spring Sephora SALE amongst us, I thought my picks deserved a dedicated post and a bit more of an explanation.

As most of you probably know, beauty items rarely go on sale and outside of the holidays, this sale is one of Sephora’s biggest and best. Sephora’s Spring sale is based around Beauty Insider Status – so ROUGE members get 20% OFF from now – 5/1, VIB members get 15% OFF from today – 4/29 and Insider members get 10% OFF from 4/23 – 4/27. According to the Instagram story polls I did, the majority of you are VIB so the sale is just starting for you!

Sephora’s program is completely free to join and tracks all your purchases every year plus provides some truly amazing samples to redeem with your points. I try a lot of new products this way and if you aren’t currently signed up, but want a discount – this is the perfect time to get at least 10% OFF and build your status for future sales. You can sign up here now.

Alas, here are my picks this year. I’ve broken them down into different categories including items I already own and love and my wish list/what’s in my cart so far this year. Be sure to use the code SPRINGSAVE to apply your discount. You can use the code on as many orders as you’d like. 


(items I love and use already)

Drunk Elephant Babyfacial Mask – This one has been in my cabinet for a few years now and it’s because it works! If you’re not used to the product, it will sting some at first but the results leave your skin glowing and baby soft (hence the name). I use weekly on Sunday evenings and follow with the below F-Balm or an oil overnight. If you want a spa-like facial at home, this should be your go-to and dare I say, only item you buy if you just buy one thing this sale!

Drunk Elephant F-Balm – If you buy 2 things, here is one more. This product is one of DE’s newer ones and I’m also a fan. I’ve recently added it to my Babyfacial routine above but it can be used anytime on its own for some quick overnight hydration. It can also just be used as part of your skincare routine if you don’t want to go the mask route but it’s lightweight, either way.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask – You’ve probably heard of the this cult favorite but that’s because it also works. It immediately makes me feel more awake and I’ve started using it in the morning while my eye patches are on too. It also always comes with me on trips for long plane rides (and post) and can be worn overnight.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops – If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m not a huge fan of at-home self-tanners. I don’t like the smell and I hate to look orange or streaky. But that’s why I LOVE these subtle drops. You mix them in with a daily moisturizer or primer and you become more sunkissed as the day goes on and your tan starts to develop. A rep at Sephora actually helped me pick out the right “shade” for me and said that most people pick it wrong. Pick what shade you naturally are (for example, I’m pretty fair naturally so I go with “light”). Most people make the mistake of picking what they want to be and it doesn’t look as natural. These are also affordable and last forever so take advantage of the sale now as we head into summer months…because no one wants sun wrinkles from the real thing.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – I’ve been using this for a few months now and it keeps my lips hydrated and soft. I put on every night before bed and also use their daily lip balm product too. Highly recommend adding this to your evening routine along with my favorite hand cream.

Sephora Collection Cleansing Gel – I’m convinced that this is one of the best kept secrets because it’s the most affordable item on my list (even without a great sale) and it works so well! I use a few daily cleansers but keep this one in the shower and love what it does for my skin, keeping it hydrated. It’s only $10 and makes a great travel choice too.

Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm – When I was looking for a new cleansing balm, this one came highly recommended by many of you. I love how it smells (sort of lime in nature) and I use it as a part of my double cleanse routine in the evenings before I wash my face with a gel cleanser. It gets all my make up and mascara off and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. They also make this in an affordable travel size that I originally bought to try it so that’s also an option.

Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum – Another DE favorite! I compare this to the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic that I love but for half the price! Vitamin C is something I never skip and use this in the mornings primarily. Pro tip: do not stock up too much on this – this product is really “fresh” and  it becomes active right away when you open so it’s better to buy it as needed.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Contour Duo – This set is on the pricier end, which is why I think if you’re looking for make up during this sale, it’s a great time to buy it. I wear a lot of Charlotte Tilbury products and love her make up. This duo is perfect highlighter and bronzer set and has been in my makeup routine for over 2 years now. It lasts a long time and provides the perfect glow I’m looking for. I also use her concealer wand, light wonder, setting powder and blush.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – Another pricer make up item that is great to buy right now is this foundation. I don’t typically wear a lot of foundation but when I do, it’s this one and it’s because of how light and “silk”-like it truly is. Fun fact: it was originally made for Armani runway shows and it will last you a long time too. You only need about a pump.

IT Cosmetics Last Blowout Mascara – By now, you’ve probably hear of IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara, which I have loved forever and also use but OMG, this new mascara in partnership with Drybar is pretty much my dream come true. I ran to Sephora as soon as it came out last year to pick it up and try. It’s biotin-infused and gives your lashes a voluminous blowout immediately.

Drybar Money Maker Hairspray – Speaking of Drybar, I’d be remiss  if I didn’t point out some of my all time favorite products of theirs during this sale including the only hair spray I use – Money Maker! I love how lightweight it is and I smell like a Drybar visit each time I use it.

NuFace Facial Toning Device – if you’re wanting to splurge a bit on this sale and save big – I recommend this NuFace device more than any other tool! It comes with a gel primer and helps to lift, tighten and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines with micro current technology. I use around 5x a week on my face and you can see results immediately and more over time if you use consistently. My routine only takes about 5 minutes and I use at night or in the morning depending on how much time I have.

Drybar Double-Shot Blowdryer Brush – Another tool to splurge on during this sale is from Drybar. The blowdryer brush helps you achieve that volume you get from a salon blowout and is easy to use. I have tried less expensive versions of products like this and was disappointed -they were too big or got too hot and made my hair frizz and so on. This one does the exact opposite – it’s the perfect size, has special ionic technology to combat frizz and provide shine and does not get too hot while using. I’ll often let my hair air dry a bit then use this to style and finish drying and styling. If you’re looking for other hot tools from Drybar, I also have and can recommend the curling wand, classic blowdryer and travel sized blowdryer too.

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Travel Perfume – Last but certainly not least are two of my favorite Jo Malone fragrance products. I have worn Wild Bluebell for years but I also have a few others scents I love that I mix with it too. What I love most though about this product is the size options. And no matter what your preferred Jo Malone scent, you can pick up your favorite in this “purse” size for a much more affordable price that is easy to travel with too.

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Candle – If you’re looking to splurge a bit on home fragrance during this sale, this candle is in my bathroom as we speak. I love this scent and it will brighten up any room – especially now while we’re all at home.

If you want more recommendations for this sale, here are some other staples I use and love too!


I’ve also included a few items below that are in my cart and on my wishlist.


(note: a lot of these wishlists items are “sold out” but I recommend signing up for the alerts when they’re back in stock – I have purchased several items like that when I receive the email alert and you can use your discount code as many times as you’d like!)

Again, be sure to use the code SPRINGSAVE to apply your discounts.

Happy Shopping!

Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant


Every day, as women, we use a countless number of beauty products and look to friends and our favorite bloggers for recommendations. Well today, I wanted to share with you one beauty product that we all use every single day but rarely talk about – deodorant!

Beyond odor and wetness protection, you may not give it much thought but this one item is so essential to your daily routine, activities and clothing that you should certainly expect more. I have personally been wearing the Dove brand for years and I’m so excited to partner with them to try their Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant line.

It provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection and it is formulated with Dove 1/4 moisturizers and NutriumMoisture for softer, smoother skin. Additionally, it is also available in a variety of signature fragrances (18!!) and benefits so that everyone’s needs can be met. For example, they have a Sensitive variant for those of us with super sensitive skin and three ClearTone variants that help with uneven skin tone and dark marks.


Gift Guide: My Christmas Wishlist

To kickoff gift guide season, I thought I would share a variety of items on my own “wishlist”. You know, just in case anyone needs any ideas, of course. 

I’ve also included a few of my favorite must-have’s so shop for your loved ones, yourself or send this post as a hint. Stay tuned for more fun guides later this week.


1. Drybar Travel Sized Kit — 2. New Apple TV — 3. Nail Lacquer — 4. Apple Watch

5. Pavé Diamond Ring — 6. Throw Blanket — 7. Ear Muffs — 8. Night Face Cream

9. Gold Ball Earrings — 10. Quilted Jacket — 11. Favorite Book — 12. Google Home

13. Black Tassel Earrings + Gold Heels  — 14. Sunnies — 15. Watch — 16. Rose Gold Purse

17. Wine Phone Case — 18. Blanket Scarf — 19. Brush Set — 20. Pavé Diamond Earrings

21. Nespresso Machine + Milk Frother — 22. Wine Glasses — 23. Gold Coasters

24. Faux Leather Leggings — 25. Christmas Tree Phone Case — 26. Workout Jacket

27. Gold Slippers — 28. Ruffled Sweater — 29. Plaid PJ Pants — 30. Favorite Mascara —

31. Pom Hat — 32. Tote Bag — 33. Perfume Gift Set — 34. Plaid Puffer Vest — 35. Leggings

 Merry Merry & Happy Shopping!

Snowcation: Salamander Resort & Spa

It seems like just yesterday I was buried in the blizzard up in DC and now I write to you from sunny Florida where I have headed back home for 2016.

I am so excited to be back and share with you all about my #snowcation to the Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, Virginia (just an hour outside of DC). I was lucky enough to get a hard hat tour of this amazing 5 start resort a few years back for my old job but I was beyond blown away with my stay last month and it was the perfect way to relax and recharge before I headed back South for my big move after 11 years away!

This luxury resort is set on 340 acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and perfectly positioned in Virginia’s famed horse country and beautiful vineyards. They boast a spa, cooking studio, billards room, wine bar and an array of other dining and outdoor acitivites. It was also named in the top 10 best resorts in the South by Condé Nast Traveler (and yours truly).

Of course, it would not be a trip without my traveling partner in crime & fellow Floridian, Cori Sue of Bitches Who Brunch. We dug ourselves out of the snow, packed all the essential winter gear we owned (hey! I wasn’t going to get to wear this for awhile) and hopped in a car (read: uber) out to the Virginia countryside to escape our cabin fever and enjoy one last girls trip before I would be a plane ride away vs. an uber away. If you followed along on snapchat (bannc) and instagram (@bannc), you know we had too much fun and share our moments along the way.

{Outfit Deets: Pom Hat (on SALE!) // Puffer Vest (on SALE!) // Sweater (on SALE!) // Leggings // Sunnies (similar here) // Socks (on SALE!) // Bean Boots // Jewels // Lips (fanfare)} 

We checked into our rooms, which were nothing short of perfection – equestrian details, personalized welcome notes on each tv screen, a bathtub I wanted to take home (more on that later) and of course, a lovely bottle of vino awaiting each of us. No detail was left unnoticed and if you know me, you know this is what matters most. You really feel like you’re inside an old Virginia home and the staff could not be more friendly or accommodating too.

After we settled into our rooms, we hopped downstairs to enjoy lunch at Gold Cup. Two hungry girls quickly filled up on burrata, salads and the delicious garlic fries plus plenty of sparkling water and diet coke (for yours truly). We also had the loveliest view of the winter wonderland that took over the resort and then Cori Sue got to work (#workcation for her) and I headed to the Spa for the first time (naturally) for an express facial. I don’t think my skin has ever looked better than those 24 hours.

Before heading to dinner that evening, we were spoiled at Boxwood Winery. The Salamander has several partnership with local vineyards and wineries in the area and can accommodate your travels to them as well. Boxwood set up a private after-hours tasting for Cori Sue and I with Rachel. They specialize in reds (perfect for the cold weather) but also have a lovely rosé and the most beautiful bottle labels I’ve ever seen.

After trotting through the snow and a lovely happy hour of wine + tour, we left with two bottles and headed to dinner back at Gold Cup Bar but this time, for sushi (and yes, more wine).

{Dinner Outfit: Jeans (on SALE!) // Sweater (on SALE here too!) // Pumps (on SALE!) // Tassel Earrings // Lips (capricious)}