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H&T is a travel, lifestyle and fashion blog written by BAC (Brittney Ann Cardillo)  on topics from travel, skincare, entertaining, the occasional recipe and just about everything in between {a.k.a life}.

I define “Hosting” as “receiving and entertaining friends, family and guests”. This is is what I truly am passionate about, no matter how big or small, and inspiring you to do the same.

I define “Toasting” as “saluting, congratulating, wishing well, remembering, celebrating and appreciating a day, a person or an event”. Now, while I do enjoy a glass of bubbly to accompany this, “toasting” to me is also about living each day to its fullest and embracing all that may come your way.

From skincare finds to how-to’s on travel guides and fashion, you will find it all here on H&T.

So please, raise your glasses and stay awhile.

Want to work together? For more information, media kit & rates, email BAC {at} hostingandtoasting {dot} com.

NOTE: All posts and content are created exclusively for Hosting & Toasting. Please be so kind and do not use content without permission or without linking and crediting back to the original post. Many thanks!

Blog Dedication: This blog is dedicated to my Aunt; the most wonderful Godmother, mother, role model and best friend that I was blessed to have in my life for 24 years. My love for fashion, traveling, skincare and entertaining was no doubt inspired by her and all her fabulous soirees. She graciously taught me everything I needed to know; love is in the details and you can never give back enough.