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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

If you’re traveling this year (unlike myself for once!), I thought what better time than to share my “travel comforts”.  To me, “comforts” are just items that I always take along on a trip; essentials, things that make me feels “at home” and that are part of my daily routine.

 Truth be told, I have always been dubbed the friend or that girl  with the most bags or clothes (I call them “options”: see below) no matter how long the stay. I’ve been made fun of since I was little for my overpacking abilities and on countless bachelorette weekends, vacations and even, work trips.  Alas, that’s when “comforts” were formally given their name. My co-worker, Hannah, asked what I was packing and I answered and added “oh, and the usual comforts”.  Even if you don’t overpack, you most likely still have your own “comforts”.

 I will be spending Thanksgiving in DC this year, however, I will most certainly pack the “comforts” below for Christmas in Florida in just a few short weeks.

*Hotel robes, no matter how big or comfty, don’t replace mine. It’s waffle weave and super light – perfect for withstanding blowouts.
*This is seriously the most amazing hair wand for all types of curls and styles. Never. Leave. Without.
Pearl Earrings* (J.Crew Studs + J.Crew Gems)  // Ipad + Case
*I feel naked sans earrings so having a pair of these on hand for early morning trips is comforting.
Travel-Sized Products*  // Options*** (PumpsSlippersDriving MocsShift DressParty Dress)
*This seems rather straightforward, but even if my favorite products don’t come in “travel-size”, I make sure to stock up on these Container Store bottles so any product can come along for the journey and make it through TSA.
**This goes hand in hand with my overpacking problems but a girls needs “options” to chose from. I never travel with just enough outfits or shoes – who knows how you’ll feel that day!

What “comforts” can you not leave home without? Share below!

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  1. Totally agree– a girl can never have too many options! Does the iron double for both travel and every day use? Or do you need something with a little more oomph? xx Alana

    • BAC says:

      Glad you agree! The curling iron is my go-to for daily use too! I love clipless ones, I can never get my hair to curl otherwise and there are so many ways you can use it – to add volume too! What do you use?

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