never forget 9.11.01

Today I am taking a break from regular blogging to remember all those that were lost 13 years ago today.

My 14 year old brother called me this week to ask me to help him with his homework. I had no idea what he was talking about (I assured him he was better at math than me by this point). He then asked me where I was on September 11th, 2001 and to tell him everything I remembered.

It hit me that he was barley 1 year old that day and now starting high school just like I was on that day 13 years ago in history class. I told him everything about that day, exactly where I was and how scared I was go to NYC again. My aunt (the same one who this blog is dedicated to) owned a fashion accessory company and I grew up traveling to NYC with her every few months for shopping trips, shows, amazing dinners and New York Palace stays long before Blair Waldorf called it home. There was no city I loved more.

Today I am remembering and honoring all those that were lost that day in NYC, at the Pentagon down the road and in PA and all those lives that were lost since then fighting for our freedom.

I am thinking of all my friends up in NY and here in DC and am so proud to call our great nation’s capital home.

May we never forget and keep all our loved ones close today.

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