big apple weekend

As promised, a little NYC recap today!

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful in the city. The weather was perfect and so was the company. Don’t you love those friends where you don’t miss a beat? No matter how much time goes by you always just pick right back up!  Well, that’s my BFF, Kasey and I, (since kindergarten).

On Saturday, Carly (or to whom most know as the College Prepster) and I enjoyed a catchup brunch at Maison Kayser  followed by a stroll in the Upper East Side where we captured her adorable new elbow patch sweater in a mini photoshoot (check out her adorable photos!).

The rest of the weekend, my BFF and I wined, dined, shopped and pampered ourselves (read: mani + Shobha + yoga + run in Central Park). We also enjoyed a lovely evening event at The Whitney Museum of American Art and more than enough brunches to spare. Finally, we broke out her Barefoot Contessa cookbook for an amazing homecooked Sunday meal (a la her, not me) over the season premiere of Homeland.

I could of not asked for a better long weekend to end September!

(PS – HOW is September already OVER!?)

Below is a recap of the Big Apple as told by Instagram.


[Snapdragons in Union Square Greenmarket]

[Hazelnut + Vanilla Gelato at Eataly]

[Pumpkins & more Pumpkins at Eataly]

[Red Wine & Cheese at Murray’s Cheese Bar]

[Elbow Patch Photoshoot with Carly]

[Night at The Whitney Museum of American Art with my BFF.]

[Homemade Barefoot Contessa Sunday Dinner – gluten free, too!]

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