Champs & Cookies Decorating Party

This time of year can be very overwhelming with holiday parties, gift exchanges and events galore (not to mention you still have to find time for Christmas shopping). It can also be a little daunting when you decide to play hostess to your own friends and family. This year, instead of hosting my favorite things party or big holiday party, I decided to put together a small “Champs & Cookies” get together at my house with the help of my good friend, Brie of Monumental Sweets.

This best part about this idea is that it can be a super last minute party to plan with friends and family and requires little-to-no prep work aside from the baking (thanks Brie!).

The concept was simple  – growing up, we both went to so many “cookie decorating” parties at school, friends’ houses and family’s that we decided to take this idea and make it a little more “grown up” (aka add toasting).

Brie took care of the sugar cookie recipe because she’s a pro – but you could also do this with break and bake dough too. We baked the cookies ahead of the time and used frosting, sprinkles and other toppings for decor. We set up an assembly line of sorts with plates, decorating stations and bubbly glasses. Full disclosure: my cookies did not turn out quite as pretty as the pro’s!

The champs was poured and N’SYNC + Justin Bieber + Michael Buble and a little Mariah Carey Christmas tunes played in the background on repeat (those are completely optional music choices although I would recommend them strongly).

As one can imagine, the more toasting that was involved, the more creative we got (naturally) and we then assembled our cookies in tiny bags tied with bows. You could also add gift tags to them or just enjoy on the spot, of course.

My aunts still host a cookie decorating party each Christmas and while most of my cousins are still quite young, this could also be a way to add a little more holiday cheer for all the adults who have to supervise (hint: to all of you with little ones of your own).

Hopefully this inspires you to host your own “Champs & Cookies” party this year.  Be sure to let me know if you do!

{Special thank you again to Brie of Monumental Sweets for baking the sweets. She comes highly recommended by yours truly for all your custom cookie needs!}

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