Coffee & Cookies with The College Prepster

I am super excited to announce that I will be hosting a Meet & Greet event for my friend, Carly of The College Prepster, in DC next weekend!

Many of you know Carly and follow along on her blog as well. She will be traveling down from NYC to attend this event with her readers at the darling Patisserie Poupon coffee bar in Georgetown on Saturday, March 1st.

Carly is one of my favorites to visit with when I’m in either NYC or Tampa (over nutella lattes, brunches or paddleboats, naturally). She and I both grew up in South Tampa, however, we did not formally meet until she was at Georgetown here in DC. She was also one of my biggest cheerleaders/inspirations to finally start H&T and I can’t wait to welcome her back to DC!

We will have coffee & sweets and a few surprises! I don’t want to give too much away but Nico and Lala and I have teamed up again (remember, Favorite Things Party?).

Details and RSVP link are below – please join and bring friends, the more, the merrier!



We look forward to meeting you on March 1st!

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