crushing on: spring blooms

So I must confess, I’m having a major crush lately…

I don’t want to cheat on Summer because it has a special place in my heart (white pants + cold cocktails + sun-kissed skin = a Florida girl’s heaven)..but I’m crushing on Spring.  I celebrate my birthday this season and it’s also a gentle reminder that Summer is on its way, right?


Or perhaps it’s because it’s something I can’t seem to have.. (isn’t that how it always goes?) With this cold, snow-filled winter almost behind us, there is nothing I crave more than warmer weather, the sight of spring blooms and Jack Rogers on freshly pedicured pink toes (cue: eye roll now).

It’s also not a secret that I adore fresh flowers – from my newfound obsession with UrbanStems to the fact that I can’t walk by a flower stand or go in grocery store for that matter, without leaving with bright blooms in hand.  Now, I’ve said before that I don’t really fancy red roses – I think they’re kind of cheesy (sorry). But PINK ones? Sure! Peonies? Tulips? Hydrangeas? Gerber Daisies? (list goes on…) ABSOLUTELY!

 I am also loving blue mason jars filled with blooms in shades of pink. Whether you DIY or purchase them – nothing screams SPRING more.

{SIDE NOTE: I will also be the first to say that the whole mason jar craze is on its way out or already is (unless they’re for purely drinking, sorry). I’m just a guilty as the next hostess but chevron, burlap, mason lights – they all have their season. Now this doesn’t mean I think they’re bad taste or dislike them at weddings and events, they just have been done time and time (and time) again…}

Back to BLUE ones though – I bought my large ones at World Market and have used them as vases and in Spring tablescapes. Last Spring, I hosted Easter Sunday brunch at my house for all my friends who didn’t travel for the holiday. I used blue mason jars and colorful tulips to brighten up the table (as seen below).

spring1 spring3 spring4

I am also crushing on all these simple blue mason arrangements!

{Image via}

{Image via}

{Image via}

{Image via}

{Image via}

P.S. I am taking a floral design class in early April so be sure to check back as I will share what I learn for beginners (i.e. do’s and don’ts)!

Spring – please come soon!

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