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When I moved down to Florida earlier this year, I was so excited to start from scratch in designing my new space. It was the first time that my entire home would also be a complete reflection of “me” and, with the exception of a few items, I got rid of everything from DC.

havenly blogger living room

That is also why I was so excited when Havenly reached out and asked how they could help me #GetDecorated down here in the Sunshine State.

Havenly allows you to design your own dream space with professional interior designers in just 4 easy steps and it’s all online (more info on pricing plus a special H&T promo code at end of post!).

When you first sign up, you answer a few questions and create a “Style Profile” which allows them to match you with a designer that fits your style. I was lucky enough to get the lovely Julianne!

I wanted a space that was feminine, grown up but still fun, pretty on the eyes and of course, suitable for “hosting” and “toasting”. I have cathedral ceilings in my living room and two large windows that bring in lots of light so a “bright” design was also important to me.

You then share details about your project with your designer – things like your budget, photos, rooms size and measurements, existing items you’d like to incorporate and most importantly (for me!), your vision (you can even share Pinterest boards). It is all so easy to upload to the site for review, make comments and I even provided Julianne with a list of random things I did and did NOT want.

I also had a few items I had picked up but had no idea what I wanted to do with that she was able to incorporate as well as a few items that I wanted to “repurpose” so she helped give me direction there too (paint colors etc).

This step was so important to me and by giving guidelines and sharing my own vision for my new living room, I felt so comfortable trusting Havenly to work their magic and boy, did they! 

In the next step, your designer works to revise your design concepts and you have a chance to comment and provide feedback. Below are my TWO concept boards that Havenly put together for me. It was so fun to take what I liked from both of them to get my final room design.

havenly blogger living room havenly

When I received my concept boards, I was amazed at how Julianne had put together EXACTLY what I wanted but was certainly not talented enough to do on my own – all my random ideas, likes and “needs” into one.

After feedback, my room layout and initial/final designs were then put together (see below for the final product!).

havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room

Finally, once my space was completely assembled – they put together a shopping list that allowed me to shop directly from the Havenly site. SO easy! No searching 100s of sites for the products, they literally put them all into your account and you pick and choose what you like best. That’s what I really enjoyed – how she gave me choices and narrowed it down.

I also wanted furniture that I could use in other rooms in the future. For example, I wanted a smaller couch (sette, if you will) so it could be used in a bedroom, large closet or office should I move. I also wanted a multi-purpose type of living room (almost like a studio to some degree) that I could entertain somewhat in so we worked on various seating options and layouts.

Alas, my new items arrived at my door and I began to put everything in its place with the help of my designs.

Welcome to my new HOME! Cheers!

(all details are linked at the end of this post)

havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room havenly blogger living room

Living Room Details (listed by area)

Tufted Couch c/o* // Palm Pillow // Ikat Pillow // Navy & White Pillow c/o* // Pink & White Pillow c/o* // Accent Table (Homegoods – similar here and here) // Fillable Glass Lamp c/o*// 42 Pressed Roam Candle c/o* // Rug (similar here, here and smaller here)

Above Couch: Framed Print #1  c/o*  & Framed Print #2 c/o*

Coffee Table c/o* (similar here) // Gold Sea Urchin (Homegoods – similar here & here) // Glass Vase // Rewined Rosé Candle c/o* Books: Celebrate by Lauren ConradInfluence & Celebrate by Pippa

Striped Curtains // Curtain Rods (Homegoods – similar here) // Long Mirror (Homegoods – similar here)

White Chair (chair cover) // Navy Scallops Pillow c/o* // Throw Blanket

Entertainment Center (similar here plus I painted and bought these knobs) // Lulie Wallace Candle c/o* // Blue & White Floral Vase (Homegoods – similar here) // Capri Blue Candle // Blue Striped Vase (similar here) // White Decorative Box (Homegoods – similar here) // Mirrored Tray // Books: Pret-a-PartyCupcakes & CashmereMiss Manners’ & Essentially Lilly

Above TV: Palm Print #1 c/o*  & Palm Print #2 c/o*

 White Console Table // Mirror (painted with light gold wash) // Storage Ottomans similar c/o* (similar herehere) // Blue and White Lamp c/o* (on sale here) // DC Print c/o* // DC Home Print (this artist contacted after she used painted our house in DC, we all bought one!) // Gold Pineapple // Links Vase c/o*//  Produce Candle c/o* // Blanket Basket

*All flowers are fresh & the wine is real.

It’s safe to say Havenly has helped make this my new much-beloved home sweet home. I loved how my old home in DC was able to be “incorporated” into the design too.

With Havenly, you can also choose to do a full design package that includes all I did above plus $50 credit toward your furniture ($199) OR a Havenly Mini that is a nice little “spruce it up” package ($79).

I’m excited to share that all H&T readers will receive 20% OFF with code: HOSTING 

Shop what I wore in the shoot below & shop my living room in my new home shop here!

{Photography by Alexis Kaplan}

Stay tuned because I will be revealing my bedroom & home office this year too!

{Special thank you to Havenly & all other brands mentioned, for working in partnership on this post.} 

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