How-To: Bachelorette Welcome Bags + Hangover Kits


As you might of noticed, things on H&T have been a little quiet for the month of February so it’s good to be back!

The blogging break wasn’t intended but after spending all my time outside my day job consumed with other projects, events, speaking engagements, barre classes and most importantly, Maid of Honor duties for my sister’s wedding – I decided to take a much needed hiatus so I hope you’ll forgive my silence!

The good news is that I have a lot of exciting posts coming up for you. In case you were not following along on Instagram or Twitter – I just recently hosted and planned my sister’s bachelorette weekend in Charleston, South Carolina.

I plan to share in a series of posts all about the weekend with a full recap and how-to if you’re planning a bachelorette weekend of your own and especially one in Charleston!

First up, a closer look at the “Welcome to Charleston” bags I put together for all the bridesmaids and best babes that attended. These bags could be assembled to match any bachelorette weekend destination. They might also provide inspiration for wedding welcome bags too. I tried to keep in mind what the girls might need most over the weekend plus a few fun souvenirs to take home.

Below you will find links to everything I included in mine!

#1. The Bags

 I ordered 10 of these South Carolina Totes. They are reusable and great for the gym, groceries and as a tote, of course. (The banner seen below, I purchased here.)

#2. Custom Name Tags by Drafts & Crafts

I tied these on to each bag with gold ribbon from Wedding Paper Divas. I had them made with each’s girl’s name and then an extra one that read “The Bachelorette” for my sister.

#3. H&T Hangover Kits

  • Tempo Tonight – These all natural hangover pills are my newest go-to!  You take 2 pills before you have your first drink and two more once you get home. It works proactively against toxins and it’s safe to say that I got the girls hooked on them too after last weekend! Hangovers prevented. Do yourself and your body a favor and order a box now!
  • EOS lip balms – I don’t know about you but I always wake up with the driest lips.
  • Mini Bottle of Tums – for those next-day tummy aches.
  • Mini Nutella Packets – my sister’s favorite and who doesn’t like Nutella? Hungover or not.
  • Tic Tacs – to kill that morning breath.
  • Packets of Advil & Tylenol – pick your poison.

#4. Beauty Fixes

#5. Weekend Apparel

  • EmiJay Flexx hair-tie packs – these hair ties are amazing and were used throughout the weekend and on Sunday morning at a surprise private barre class (more on that later).
  • Bachelorette Sash – the bride-to-be had this sash in her bag as well (she didn’t take it off all weekend – pretty sure she might still be wearing it now).

#6. Custom Coffee Mugs

Drafts & Crafts made these adorable SC state sketches and then I uploaded the image and ordered the mugs a la Wedding Paper Divas. Since we rented a house for the weekend, the girls were able to use these for coffee each morning and at homemade brunch (more on that later too).

#7. Custom Koozies

 I ordered these adorable Bachelorette Koozies on Etsy and put mini water bottles in each one. We took them out to the bars each night and on our waters during the day.

#8. Skinnygirl Snacks

Of course no weekend would be complete without my favorite Skinnygirl bars that are both gluten free and nutritious. Each girl received two in her bag for snacks.

#9. Kendra Scott Jewels

I wanted to include a nice gift for each person who traveled so far for the weekend and these Kendra Scott earrings were the perfect item. Some of the girls wore them throughout the weekend and the bride per hers on right away.

#10. Local Momentos

 Up Next?

A detailed guide to our weekend in Charleston full of local spots, photos and even more goodies!

{Special thank you to some of my favorite brands for working with me on these!}

16 Responses to How-To: Bachelorette Welcome Bags + Hangover Kits

  1. Dani Colding says:

    Everything came out beautiful and these bags and goodies are just amazing!!!

    xo Dani

  2. Sue says:

    Love these ideas and especially the tote!

  3. Kristine says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEE all of this! Such great ideas! I just recently came back from a bachelorette in Fire Island and wrote about some of the swag that was handed it! (I made the hair ties!) I have another bach party in September and will try to incorporate some of your swag in the bags! Thanks for a great post!

  4. Morgan says:

    This post is so great! My best friend is thinking about Charleston for her bachelorette party and this has given me so many great ideas. Were the owners of the house easy to work with on accommdating so many people? My friend has 15 in her bridal/house party, and I don’t think that everyone would come but it’s still a lot of people.

  5. Jessica says:

    These bags are so well thought out! I love it! How did you get them to South Carolina though? Did you pack them in an extra checked bag? I am also traveling to South Carolina for a bachelorette party and am wondering if you prepared these at home and then lugged them to SC…?

    • BAC says:

      Hi there! So sorry for the late reply – I did pack everything in extra checked bag and then assembled when I got there ahead of the bride! Another option would be to ship to your hotel or house

  6. Katelyn says:

    Loved the post! I am planning a weekend of 10 girls as well and I love this house! However, were you able to sleep 10 even though the site says it sleeps 6?

  7. Morgan says:

    This post is amazing! great ideas and pretty simple to put together! Any ideas on where to buy the temp night? It looks like your link to amazon doesn’t work anymore and the website for the company also doesn’t look like it exists anymore 🙁 Any help would be really appreciated!


    • BAC says:

      Oh no! Are you sure? i know a lot of people have brought through them!

      • Kathryn says:

        The links are not working for me either 🙁

        • BAC says:

          Let me get in contact with them! Their site appears to be down

          • Kara Keller says:

            Hi there! I was looking for the Tempo Tonight also and it seems that there website and facebook is down? Did you find out anything? I feel like I could really use this for my upcoming bachelorette party!

          • BAC says:

            Hi there! Yes, someone else just told me this. So sorry as this was from a year ago when it was posted and the links worked. I reached out to the company directly since I worked with them on a few posts and will let you know soon!

            Hopefully you were able to get some other inspiration as well!


  8. Jill price says:

    Hi!! Can you please tell me about the t shirts ? What they say and where to purchase ? Thank you!

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