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Today’s post is about one of my favorite places to visit when home in Tampa – the Oxford Exchange.

It’s hard to put into words a place like the Oxford Exchange because I’ve never been been anywhere else like it – it’s a commerce club, shop, bookstore, restaurant, coffeehouse, special event space and just about everything in between.

OE opened in 2012 and I was lucky enough to get a tour of the space pre-opening. I was beyond impressed. I have enjoyed an amazing brunch there, shopped in their adorable store and attended a gorgeous wedding reception – all under the same roof.

The history of OE is inspiring too. After a trip to London, the founder was inspired to design a space in his hometown where people “could meet, mingle, work in solitude, or simply pass a few moments outside of their hectic lives.”  It attempts to showcase the best of  the contemporary and the classic – which matches my taste perfectly. Some call it a large house – some say it’s a small town. Each area of the building is unique and it was built with materials from over a dozen countries including Italian marble, reclaimed white oak and leather panels on walls and ceilings.

OE also recently launched its new online store – which means even if you can’t visit Tampa and put this on your must-see list –  you can still shop their fabulous collection!

I mean, how beautiful is this place?

{Cote Bastide bath and body collection}

{Collection of handmade Terrafirma Ceramics gourmet serve ware and Fog Linen Works Napkins}

Alas, the hosting gift guide with some of my picks! Can I have it all please?

1. The Southerner’s Handbook // 2. Alpaca Throw in Firecracker //3. Tobacco and Mint Double Wick Candle // 4. Cote Bastide Argan Bath Salts // 5. Blenheim Apricot Jam  6. Large Black Serving Tray // 7.  Kimono Napkin (Blue & Taupe), Orchid Napkin Ring + Camellia Napkin Ring // 8. Teak Flatware

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