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One of my favorite rooms in my house is the kitchen. Sure, the dining room and living room are great for entertaining but every single time I host friends, EVERYONE always ends up in the kitchen. It really does have a lot of character; exposed brick walls, patriotic touches (a la Pottery Barn), double ovens and a charming little view of our back patio. However, this is also why I am so embarrassed to say that before the lovely ladies of Neat Method DC took over my kitchen, it was quite a mess.

Neat Method is a lifestyle service that specializes is professional organizing with a fun and “neat” take on it. One of my sorority sisters, Raelynn and her good friend, Catherine, brought the San Francisco/Chicago based company to DC recently – and thank goodness for that.

{Raelynn & Catherine of Neat Method DC}

Now, before I go any further I must add that I’ve always considered myself to be quite organized and Type A+ when it comes to the home, office or even back in school. But when you combine three girls and all their items plus my roomates and I’s love for koozies, custom stadium cups, cupcake liners and the like, you end up with one big mess. I still remember the moment when I was getting ready for a party, opened the “pantry” and a bottle of olive oil came tumbling down all over me, the counters and my new dress. Whoops! It might of been then that I knew we needed this dynamic duo to come to the rescue and force us to de-clutter, stay organized (which I am proud to say we have!) and throw away the many duplicates (really, no one needs 3 can openers).

 Raelynn and Catherine spent a few days organizing our kitchen, entertaining bar, all my parties supplies and even our storage closet full of holiday decorations and winter coats. I think they were pretty much sick of me all my striped straws and spices. They labeled, bought new items and made our lives 1000x easier. They also made me vow to never buy another tervis tumbler or cocktail napkin again.

Shocker: this promise was quickly broken.

Below is a look at a few before (don’t JUDGE) and afters of their work! Neat Method is a wonderful service perfect for moves, closets, offices and even gifts. These two will organize just about anything and with a smile + awesome beats on along the way.

P.S. those stadium cups below..go 4 rows back (#iwishiwaskidding).


Be sure to follow Neat Method along on instagram and the DC gals on twitter (#theneatlife). Even if you can’t or don’t want someone to organize your things –  their blog can provide you with helpful tips (#tiptuesdays) each week to incorporate in your everyday life – including travel advice (I desperately needed this!)

Hopefully this inspires you to live a little more neat and begin to de-clutter this fall. My next project…the closet. Wish me luck!

{Photographs by Ali Mansouri}

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